Martin Panknin-Tournier

M.Sc. | Senior Software Engineer | Realtime 3D Enthusiast

[email protected]

At a Glance

Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in software development and realization of IT projects with focus on interactive realtime 3D applications.
Excellent communication skills, team spirit, many years of project experience.
Comprehensive theoretical knowledge and fascination for realtime 3D, rendering algorithms and all related software/hardware technologies.
Highly experienced, interested and motivated in anything related to rendering beautiful and interactive pixels on your screen.
Want to know more? Take a look at my portfolio and resume.

What I do

I have been working with realtime 3d and related software/hardware technologies since 2004. My fascination for interactive 3d applications has grown steadily since then. The same applies to my theoretical knowledge and my practical skills as a software engineer.

The diversity of projects I have worked on in the past includes the following domains.

Highend Domestic Appliances, Oil and Gas, Security Technology, Fashion and Lifestyle, Renewable Energy, Automotive

My main interests are in the areas of advanced 3d visualization, realtime rendering/lighting, shader/gpu computing, frontend/backend development.

Over time I was given the opportunity to work with some highly remarkable people and gained experience in many different application domains, programming languages and techniques, various tools, engines and tech stacks.

Below is a quick overview of my main skill sets and technologies I use.