Software engineer, based in Potsdam, focused on designing & developing realtime 3D software.


Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH
Berlin |
07/2019 - Present Senior Creative Technologist
Details will follow soon...
redPlant GmbH - 3D Realtime Studios
Düsseldorf |
05/2012 - 05/2018 Co-founder, managing partner, technical lead
Foundation and development of redPlant GmbH
Technical management of the project teams
Planning, calculation, preparation of offers and contract negotiations with nationaland international clients
R&D development to evaluate new hardware and software technologies
Fraunhofer IAIS
Sankt Augustin |
04/2010 - 04/2012 Student assistant / developer
Software design and implementation in geoscientific context
Real-time3D development with OpensceneGraph, volume rendering in C/C++ and GLSL
GPGPU programming with NVIDIA CUDA
Presentation of research results in English (lectures and demonstrations at the meetings of the international oil and gas industry consortium VRGeo)
Independent cooperation with the international members of the VRGeo consortium


M.Sc. Computer Science
09/2009 - 08/2012 University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf
Software development in the field of scientific 3D visualization
Volume rendering, shader programming, GPGPU
B.Sc. Computer Science
09/2004 - 02/2009 Hochschule Furtwangen HFU
Software development in the field of real-time 3D
Search space representations and search algorithms
Autonomous navigation in complex 3D scenes


Coming soon...
Ward’s Anisotropic Reflectance
Anisotropic Specular Reflection in Unity3D
Coming soon...
Vaillant City
Large Scale Multitouch
Coming soon...
Nike Digital Retail
Interactive Social Media Wall
Coming soon...
Large Scale Multitouch / Multiuser Installation
Coming soon...
Cook Torrance Lighting Model
Cook Torrance Local Illumination Shading in Unity3D
Coming soon...
39 Stufen - interaktives Hörspiel


Coming soon...
Search Space Representations
Navigation in complex 3D environments
Coming soon...
Search Algorithms & Pathfinding
Navigation in complex 3D environments


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Martin Panknin, M.Sc.